January 23, 2019 - 11:00 am



Koc University Rumelifeneri Campus, Faculty of Social Sciences Building, SOS143   View map

MiReKoc invites you to participate in a Seminar by Çağlar Özden from the World Bank on a recent policy research report titled “Moving for Prosperity: Global Migration & Labor Markets” to be held on January 23, Wednesday between 11-12.30 in Meeting Room SOS 143.

**Registration is required for participants not affiliated with Koç University.

The report can be accessible via the link below. Attached, you may also find the poster invitation and abstract.

Report link:

Title: Moving for Prosperity: Global Migration & Labor Markets

Abstract: Migration presents a stark policy dilemma. Research has repeatedly confirmed that migrants, their families back home, and the countries that welcome them all experience large economic gains. Easing immigration restrictions is one of the most effective tools for ending poverty and sharing prosperity across the globe. Yet, we see substantial opposition in destination countries where migrants are depicted as the primary causes of many of their economic problems, from high unemployment to declining social services.

Moving for Prosperity: Global Migration and Labor Markets addresses this conflict. In addition to providing comprehensive data and analysis based on a voluminous literature, the book argues for a series of policies that work with rather than against labor market forces. Policymakers should aim to smooth short-run migration-related dislocations to ensure that we share the long-term benefits more evenly and avoid draconian policy restrictions that will hurt everybody.

Moving for Prosperity aims to inform and stimulate policy debate, facilitate further research, and identify prominent knowledge gaps. It demonstrates why existing income gaps, demographic differences, and rapidly declining transportation costs mean migration will continue to be a key feature of our lives for generations to come. Its audience includes anyone interested in one of the most controversial policy debates of our time.


Report PRR: Handout_PRR_Ozden.pdf