December 8, 2022 - 12:00 pm


December 8, 2022 - 2:30 pm


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Age Friendly Cities: Participation and Well-being of Older People

UNIC Virtual Meeting Platform

December 8th, at 12.00-14.30 (Istanbul Time) (10:00-12:30 CET) via Zoom.

(Registration is required for all participants)

Koc University, University of Liege, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Ruhr University Bochum are organizing a UNIC CityLabs Virtual Meeting Platform on “Age Friendly Cities: Participation and Well-being of Older People”. The session will be held on 8th December from 12.00 to 14.30 (Istanbul Time) (10:00-12:30 CET). The university community and the city will meet to share different views on this important social challenge and to learn about inspiring practices implemented in Istanbul, Liege, Rotterdam and Bochum for the co-creation of solutions to this common challenge.

Program of the Panel

12:00-12:10 Welcome and Introduction

12.10-12:50 A sustainable care model for older individuals

Questions: How can we have a better care model which is more democratic and inclusive? A care model involves access, ability, opportunity, capacity and referral to existing care practices and facilities, both in terms of health care and social care. In addition, to what extent do we prioritize ethics of care?

  • Başak Akkan, Bilgi University
  • Zelal Yalçın, İPA Social Policy Center Coordinator (TBC)

12:50-13:30 Digital competency, inclusivity in public space and use of technology 

What can we do to enhance digital competency of older individuals? How can we combat digital inequalities? How can we increase digital inclusion of older persons?

  • Dr. Sebastian Merkel, Ruhr University Bochum
  • Gülüstü Salur, 65+ Elder Rights Association, Founder and Member of Board of Directors

13:30-14:10 Age inclusive public spaces: best practices from post-industrial cities     

Questions: From gathering spaces to public parks, buildings they enter in their everyday life, how cities evolve and adapt to aging populations? Research, data, best practices, city examples and experiences are welcome.

  • Dr. Catherine Elsen, University of Liège
  • Warsha Jagroep, PhD Researcher, Erasmus University Rotterdam

14:10-14:20 Wrap up

Get the chance to participate in future international UNIC activities in 2023 in UNIC cities (Rotterdam, Zagreb, Bochum, Cork, Deusto, Liège, Oulu, Łódź, Malmö) with your participation certificate.

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Language of the VMP will be English.

The event will take place on December 8th, at 12.00-14.30 (Istanbul Time) (10:00-12:30 CET) via Zoom.


About UNIC Virtual Meeting Platforms

The European University of Post-Industrial Cities – UNIC – is an alliance of ten universities in post-industrial cities which all face similar challenges and opportunities in terms of mobility, inclusion and diversity. To contribute to the urban resilience and renaissance of post-industrial cities, we establish UNIC CityLabs and UNIC Virtual Meeting Platforms (VMPs)

As part of UNIC, UNIC Pop-Up CityLabs VMPs, are physical and virtual urban meeting places, where UNIC students, researchers and educators meet UNIC’s associate partners, local communities and stakeholders face to face to co-create innovative solutions to real-life societal challenges where they occur.

Within this context, the VMP will be organized on December 8th 12.00-14.30 (Istanbul Time) on the theme of “Age Friendly Cities: Participation and Well-being of Older People” where we will discuss the solutions, best practices and good examples for Age Friendly Cities.  

Our ambition is to eradicate the strict borders between university and city to develop relevant solutions for pressing issues as well as provide students with a learning experience that is connected to and rooted in the actual challenges experienced in urban contexts. That is why:


You’re invited to be part of it!



December 8th, at 12.00-14.30 (Istanbul Time) (10:00-12:30 CET) via Zoom

How to register?

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Who can join?

  • All Koc University students (Bachelors, Masters and PhDs) from all disciplines.
  • All Koc University academics
  • All Koc University staff can join.


  • You will have networking possibilities. Not only do you get a chance to work with students from other majors, you’ll also get a chance to network with academics, researchers, NGO members and city stakeholders
  • Remember, by joining the UNIC CityLabs event, you’ll also get a chance to be part of the UNIC alliance network and work with peers across all UNIC universities (Erasmus University Rotterdam; Koç University; Ruhr University of Bochum; University College Cork; University of Deusto; University of Liège; University of Oulu; University of Zagreb, University of Łódź, University of Malmö)

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What is UNIC CityLabs Vision?

CityLabs provide learning opportunities by bringing together different knowledge and know-how, creating spaces for knowledge co-production, fostering a dynamic connection between learning and doing, and changing the usual practices around urban sustainability between the government and academia. CityLabs are examples where the urban areas’ local issues can be experimented with knowledge co-production across government, academia, and other knowledge groups to develop new frameworks and know-how, necessary for urban sustainability. On the same line of thoughts, CityLabs are forums exclusively established to co-produce policy-relevant knowledge among relevant knowledge groups in academia and governing bodies. The symbolic notion of a laboratory pinpoints that CityLabs usually constrain their focus to a specific city, issue, or timeframe while exploring and producing different types of know-how to generate meaningful insights. Urban laboratories put together change processes and the necessity of practices and concepts, creating connections for the cities’ future visions to the politics and patterns of a better ‘tomorrow’.

UNIC CityLab are designed to work on specific challenges that our post-industrial cities face involving various issues such as urban resilience, climate-friendly cities, development, diversity and inclusion and many more. On yearly basis, every UNIC partnered university pick two challenges and work on these topics both locally and internationally.


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