March 18, 2013


March 18, 2013


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Metropolis-MiReKoc Academic Forum: Migration and Demographic Change: Causes and Consequences

The connection between migration and demography is complex where there are different causes and consequences at play.  On the one hand, mostly in the global South, we observe relatively high population growth rates, coupled with prolonged life expectancy, which bring about considerable demographic variations between regions and consequent differences in labor supply.  On the other hand, in the wealthy countries of the global North, declining fertility rates and ageing populations are already turning into important policy issues as well as causes of demand in different sectors of the labor market.  Thus, while we can speak about migration pressure in many countries due to the presence of countless youngsters, there is also an immigration pressure in advanced economies due to the greying of the population and population decline.  What do these demographic changes mean for these two different contexts, i.e., the sending and the receiving areas?

It is also within this context that the migration-demography nexus is hotly debated in the case of EU-Turkey relationship.  Thus, the Forum intends to elaborate this debate as well, where it aims to highlight contradictory views on the subject: on the one hand, Turkey’s potential accession to the EU and the consequential free movement of labour has been suggested as a possible remedy for the ageing and declining European population; on the other hand, while the movement of Turkish workers could help boost the working age population of the EU, it has been viewed as a factor, which would create a burden for the already stretched welfare states of the Union.  Hence, the Forum aims to tackle with these issues with presentations from both the global South and the North, and from Turkey and the EU.

Metropolis-Mirekoc Academic Forum Turkish Bloomberg TV News Interview with Howard Duncan (Carleton University) and Ahmet İçduygu (Koç University)

Metropolis-Mirekoc Academic Forum Welcoming Remarks Jan Rath, University of Amsterdam & Ahmet İçduygu, Koç University

Metropolis-Mirekoc Academic Forum Ahmet İçduygu’s speech Ahmet İçduygu, Koç University

Metropolis-Mirekoc Academic Forum Howard Duncan’s speech Howard Duncan, Carleton University

Metropolis-Mirekoc Academic Forum Peter Schatzer’s speech Peter Schatzer, International Organization for Migration

Metropolis-Mirekoc Academic Forum Jon Simmons’ speech Jon Simmons, UK Home Service Science

Metropolis-Mirekoc Academic Forum Peter Schatzer’s speech Peter Schatzer, International Organization for Migration

Metropolis-Mirekoc Academic Forum Ahmet Sinan Türkyılmaz’s speech Ahmet Sinan Türkyılmaz, Hacettepe University

Metropolis-Mirekoc Academic Forum Ayhan Kaya’s speech Ayhan Kaya, Bilgi University

Metropolis-Mirekoc Academic Forum Bernd Geiss’ speech Bernd Geiss, Former Head, Commission for Migration, Refugees and Integration- Germany

Metropolis-Mirekoc Academic Forum Refik Erzan’s speech Refik Erzan, Boğaziçi University

Metropolis-Mirekoc Academic Forum Marco Lombardi’s speech Marco Lombardi, Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Metropolis-Mirekoc Academic Forum Maria Lucinda Fonseca’s speech Maria Lucinda Fonseca, University of Lisbon

Metropolis-Mirekoc Academic Forum Pieter Bevelander’s speech Pieter Bevelander, Malmö University

Metropolis-Mirekoc Academic Forum Meera Sethi’s speech Meera Sethi, International Organization for Migration – Ankara