Çetin Çelik

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Çetin Çelik is an assistant professor working on the sociology of migration and education in the Department of Sociology at Koç University, where he teaches courses on these topics. He received his Ph.D. at the University of Bremen in 2012, with a thesis exploring the links between identity formation and educational achievement of the second-generation migrant youth and broader social policies and institutional regulations in the context of Germany. Çelik’s current works deal with different forms of educational inequalities within the context of migration. He is a recipient of the prestigious Marie Curie Career Integration Grant, TUBITAK Career Grant, Fulbright. Çelik is affiliated withKoç University Migration Research Center (MiReKoç) and the Social Policy Centre group at Koç University (SPM-KU). Çelik has published and under review articles in journals such as Sociology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, British Journal of Sociology of Education, İdentities, and many other international prestigious journals.