Forced Migration Resource Center at Koc University (FMRC)

Evolved from a grant-giving program into an established and reputable research center, Migration Research Center at Koc University (MiReKoc) conducts and participates in a range of research projects in order to motivate national and international networks and to strengthen research capacity in the field of migration. MiReKoc also organizes international conferences, workshops and seminars to discuss various research agendas in the field of migration. With the objective of connecting the migration debate in Turkey to the ongoing debates and research in different contexts and settings, MiReKoc endeavors to develop collaboration between migration scholars, civil society organizations and policy makers to stimulate dialogue on existing and new research. Since 2011, MiReKoc organizes the annual International Summer School, a flagship program bringing together migration experts from all over the world.

While MiReKoc’s research initially focused exclusively on the Turkish context, this scope has steadily widened to other countries and regions over the years with a theoretical and empirical contribution to migration literature. The Center intends to advocate multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research on various aspects of migration. Past projects have considered the causes and consequences of international migration and transnationalism, the integration of migrants into receiving settings, transit migration including the mobility of irregular migrants and refugees, human smuggling and trafficking, migration-security, and the migration-citizenship nexus.


Forced Migration Resource Center at Koc University (FMRC) is an online resource center established by Migration Research Center at Koc University (MiReKoc) in partnership with Vehbi Koc Foundation (VKV). The platform draws together a diverse collection of resources concerning forced migration in general and Syrian refugees in particular. The primary aim of FMRC is to increase the research capacity of all state and non-state actors working in the field and facilitate their access to available resources.  The center provides online and free access to anyone – that is, individual researchers, universities, civil society organizations, international organizations, policymakers, media, and displaced persons themselves seeking information into issues related to forced migration and asylum.