Syrian Refugees and Turkey’s Challenges: Going beyond Hospitality / Syrian Refugees and Turkey’s Challenges: Going beyond Hospitality

Date: 19 September 2019

Author/s: Kirişci, Kemal ;

Abstract (Original Language):

The primary focus of the report is to assess the current situation of Syrian refugees in Turkey and discuss the policy implications for Turkey. It is divided into four sections. The first section offers a broad discussion of Turkey’s experience with mass influxes of refugees into Turkey in general and how the Syrian one differs from previous ones. This is followed by a discussion of the Syrian refugee situation in Turkey. The third section discusses the challenges that Turkey faces. The forth section focuses on the role of international cooperation and burden sharing. The report concludes with a set of policy recommendations based on the recognition that Syrian refugees are likely to stay in Turkey for the foreseeable future. This likelihood calls for an urgent need to shift policy focus from the provision of emergency assistance and protection to the refugees to addressing longer term integration-related issues ranging from the provision of education to Syrian children of school age to enabling Syrian refugees to participate in the Turkish labor market. This will be a mammoth task and will need to be supported by greater and more generous expression of burden-sharing and solidarity on the part of the international community and an accompanying willingness on the part of the Turkish government to cooperate with competent international stake-holders.

Country of Interest: Turkey Syria

Type: Report

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