Forced displacement and women's security in Colombia / Forced displacement and women's security in Colombia

Date: 10 November 2018

Author/s: Donny Meertens ;

Abstract (Original Language):

In the protracted Colombian conflict, assistance to internally displaced persons has developed in the context of contradictory political processes. The Colombian government’s launching of a transitional justice process in the midst of armed conflict has generated a complex situation displaying both conflict and post‐conflict characteristics. The progressive Constitutional Court rulings on internal displacement, in particular the gender‐sensitive Auto 092, constitute an attempt to bring together humanitarian interventions and transitional justice measures in a rights‐based framework. However, the national government is reluctant to adopt them fully and local realities still hamper their integrated implementation. Displaced women, therefore, remain in an especially vulnerable position. This paper argues that gender‐sensitive humanitarian interventions must take into account all of these complexities of scale and political process in order to make legal frameworks more effective at the local level. In these contexts, interventions should pay particular attention to strategies that contribute to transforming pre‐existing gender regimes.

Country of Interest: Colombia

Type: Articles

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