Gender and Forced Migration / Gender and Forced Migration

Date: 8 November 2018

Author/s: Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, Elena ;

Abstract (Original Language):

This chapter examines the role of gender in displacement, focusing on women’s and men’s experiences and the different ways in which gender identities, roles, and relations are influenced by processes of and responses to forced migration. It begins with a brief historical overview of feminist and gendered analyses of forced migration. It then explores the causes and experiences of forced migration by drawing on gendered evaluations of individualized persecution and experiences of conflict-induced mass displacement. It also explores the nature of refugee status determination processes, highlighting emerging sensitivity to the interconnectedness between sexual orientation, gender identity, and asylum. Furthermore, it considers developments in responses to sexual and gender-based violence in mass displacement contexts, along with the paradoxical implications of policies aimed at promoting gender equality and empowerment in camp contexts. The chapter concludes by commenting on the gendered nature of the three durable solutions: local integration, repatriation, and resettlement.

Country of Interest: World

Type: Books

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