Education and Internally Displaced Persons - Education as Humanitarian Response / Education and Internally Displaced Persons - Education as Humanitarian Response

Date: 1 January 2013

Author/s: Smith Ellison, ChristineSmith, Alan ;

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Underlying this entire series on Education as a Humanitarian Response is the well-known adage in education that ‘if we get it right for those most in need we will likely get it right for all if we take the same approach’. That sentiment was born in relation to those with special educational needs within a full mainstream system of schooling. In relation to this series it is taken further to embrace not only the special educational needs of those experiencing disasters and their aftermath, whether natural or man-made, but  also to other groups who may be significantly disadvantaged. Indeed, much can be learned of value to the proivision of mainstream systems from the holistic approach that necessarily follows in response to situations of disaster. Sadly very little of this potential value is actually perceived, an even less is embraced. Consequently one of the aims of the series, both in the core volume Education as a Global Concern and the contributing volumes, is to bring to the mainstream, and to those seeking to serve it as teachers, other educators and politicians, the notion of education as a humanitarian response.

Country of Interest: Bosnia and Herzegovina Colombia Pakistan Sri Lanka Somalia

Type: Books

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